Andrea Roversi | Once upon a time

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Three brothers.
Three lives.
Nothingness around, maybe it’s all we need.
A sense of peace that seemed lost.
Bent backs and ruined hands because, after having fought against the world, they tried to comfort it every day.
Once upon a time… and somewhere, it still going on today.
In the countryside of Umbria, in a small village that shifts from three to ten inhabitants, Armano, Bastiano and Giovanni live and have always lived. Three brothers who walked together for almost ninety years, surviving a world war, famine, harvesting wheat, leading the animals to the grazing, often living without electricity and watching almost a hundred years of history as shy and silent spectators.
A timeless story, almost incredible for “us”, distracted and overwhelmed by an evolution that absorbed us.
A story that I decided to tell to investigate a gash of the world which seems very distant but in fact is part of us.
Three brothers who live in an indefnite time, and who remind us of our forgotten origins, the work of our grandparents, the sweat working in the felds, and the tears for a spoilt harvest.
Three brothers who wake up when the rooster sings and follow the unfolding of the day without frenzy. A story that made me rethink our comfortable lives, fast and full of a freedom which made us prisoners of ourselves.
This project, started as a research of my past, has turned into a project on happiness.
That happiness we often lose, between the everything and nothings of this present time.