Arianna Sanesi | Dispersal

By 19 luglio 2016 Webzine No Comments

It’s a misty day and we’ve already been walking for a couple of hours. It’s been raining for weeks now, the forest has an apocalyptic feel to it, trees have fallen and the air is still, yet full of muffled sounds. [..] Weather for wolves, we use to say in Italy, and we are so mistaken. Wolves don’t like the rain[..] My friend and guide keeps checking the GPS signal, to lead me where the wolf’s collar sent the same signal one year ago. We are seeing what the wolf has seen, I keep thinking. Maybe.
Something white among the leaves: a long, thick bone. Clean, totally clean. Wolves use to sleep by their hunted preys until there’s nothing left, I’ve read. I gleam with joy: we’re on the right path.
“Aren’t you scared? A predator is close to us, in this very moment, maybe.” asks my friend.
No, I’m not. Wolves are almost impossible to meet, people say, but they are most likely watching you while you least expect it. It’s their nature. It’s how they live. Being just allowed in their realm, and being able to see and tell what they see, it’s already a big honour.