Claus Lucas | Wozu

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– Human struggle in our daily life like a war

I am using photography to confront the inner psychological struggle that many and most human beings endure.
I want to reflect ourselves through these works and intend to find ourselves confront and overcome this situation.
As seen in Plato’s allegory of cave, all of us are constantly caught between fictions and realities, battling on the thin line between pleasure and pain.
“Wozu” is a series that shows the state of inner collisions among scared
egos—individuals that want to look away from the truth and who, despite the clamor of voices around them, remain largely silent.

I pay attention to human basic and animal instinct to express these states.
We maybe evolved, but deep down we are still animal.
The progress of civilization gave us many changes and convenience.
But we pay attention to gradually vanishing basic instinct by that.

We, the defective human beings, live by floating the world of chaos.
The incessant questions derived from chaos might be the reason or signification of our existence.

“Wozu” is a german word which means “what for”

These sentences written right after sudden awaken from sleep, opened the starting point of my work.

I reflected myself in water and there was a stranger.
I wish he disappeared tomorrow