Juan Aballe | Country Fictions

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“Country fictions” represents the search for another world: a dreamed, wished for rustic sanctuary. If we consider the origin of the verb to wish for, we find an evocative image: “to stand, waiting under the stars”. In this story, the wait seems endless, and the author, who seems to abandon himself to the dream, senses that his life cannot coincide with this break from contemporary reality, with this utopia that in his eyes reveals itself as an illusory escape route. However, as Jörg Colberg explains, writing on Country Fictions: “the beauty of a utopia, of course, is that it does not have to conform to any sort of reality. It’s a utopia after all. Country Fictions confronts us with our dreams, and it would be foolish to deny that we have them.” Throughout these pages, in fact we see seemingly idyllic moments pass by, in the tranquility of a countryside unaware of the visual and acoustic dissonances typical of those endless megalopolises into which the continents are slowl y drifting.Realized between 2011 and 2013 during a series of trips through the Spanish peninsula and following in the footsteps of a few friends who had moved to the country, the work unfolds as a collection of daydreams in which a quiet and courageous humanity tries to reshape its life amid the tremors of modern crises – not just economic – that sees southern Europe among the hardest-hit areas. Thus Country Fictions, setting out as a “personal” investigation, tells a story of renewed nostalgia for a world that seems ever farther away and unknown, at best enjoyed in one brief moment of vacation and that continues to stir in us like that perfect Eden to which to return.