Julie Hascoët | Tenir rester

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Suspended forms, impressed, floating, alight, undefined features of an unknown everyday existence, mysterious, silent, between structures and monochromes from which emerge familiar but distant images, as if they were apparitions from another universe: engrams conserved in photographic form in an attempt to recompose an atlas of experiences, among visions rearranged with a glance through the camera lens. From the disorder of daily life and seeing through the eyes of the unknowing rhythm of our Time, to the attempt to give breath to the entropy, Julie Hascoët recalls our attention to objects and shapes that we normally scarcely notice in the frame of our visual space.For the photographer, the objects, the shapes hold in themselves a kind of memory, and what they express also rapprsents what they were, in a continuous and inevitable metamorphosis. The title of the series, “TENIR/RESTIR”, perfectly expresses the sensation that the images leave us with. The choice of verbs in the infinitive does not appear to be accidental; it almost seems to remind us that this fragment of time that we are observing is preserved in a larger interlude than that of the instant captured in the photograph. In the absence of a human form, in this personal re-examination of the still life, any discontinuity remains unnoticed. The human element is “recognizable” in the spark that animates the “scene”: the light left on, the pomegranate left on the table… These traces of humanity give a sense of emptiness, of fragility, as if we were observing the ruins of a planet that had lost its “oneness”, but they also represent a form of resistance, evoked by the force contained in the time of their existence.