Lavinia Parlamenti e Manfredi Pantanella | Roundabout Cyprus

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Comic does not exist outside the pale of what is strictly human (…)
You may laugh at a hat, but what you are making fun of, in this case, is not the piece of felt or straw, but the shape that men have given it, the human caprice whose mould it has assumed.

(Henri Bergson, 1900)

Cyprus road system is as much bizarre and confused as this mediterranean island’s history.Since 1974, Cyprus has been divided in two separated geographical areas – the northern side under turkish domination and the southern under greek influence – each one having its own legislative, political, economic, religious, linguistic and cultural system. Greeks GPS and cell phones do not work in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Once you’ve crossed the checkpoint, GPS stop recognizing streets names. Since TRNC is only recognized as autonomous state by Turkey, official maps maintain the old greek nomenclature dating from before the occupation in ‘74 even if the turkish inhabitants of Cyprus do not understand greek or read the alphabet.

The result is a confused system of double denominations, making it almost impossible toreachyourdestinationbasingyourselfon official maps.

Roundabout#Cyprus project explores the consequences of Cyprus political situation on the topography of the island, that stands today as the last divided country in Europe.